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What are Local Services Ads?

Many businesses in the home services industries have been pitched the " pay-per-lead " marketing strategy from Home Advisor, Angi, and Yelp.

KaeRae Marketing has worked with businesses that have tried this strategy and found that it was not what they thought.

Those “pay-per-lead” campaigns are paying for a “community lead.” This means that a few of your competitors are also paying and contacting that same lead.

The better option would be Local Services Ads, also known as Google Guaranteed.

See in this screenshot that these ads are shown above everything else on Google Search.

A few things are required to be approved for these types of ads.

#1. Your business must fall into one of the selected categories listed below.

#2. You must complete a background check.

#3. You need to provide a copy of your business’ General Liability Insurance Policy

#4. You should have Google reviews on your Google Business Profile

Start the process by going to

Create a new account. (This account cannot have an existing Google Ads account.)

The process of approval can take up to 2-3 weeks.

Provide all the information possible within the Local Services Ads dashboard. Then once you have received approval, you can select your budget and start showing your ads.

Once you have received a call, return to the Local Services Ads dashboard and listen to the call recording.

You can then select whether the call was indeed a good lead, would lead to a job, or was irrelevant.

Your account will only be billed for the leads that turn into jobs from these ads.


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