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Learn All the
Google Secrets

I have created several different kinds of resources that can help you level up your knowledge of Google and your business. Take time to learn the basics to improve your marketing strategy. You may feel overwhelming, but these are created with simplicity and usefulness in mind.


Take these free helpful resources, videos, and downloads to help your business get more exposure on Google. But before the results expand your knowledge!

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Google Business


Watch this online workshop to demystify Google My Business, optimize your profile, excel in local searches, measure success, and get expert answers to your questions.

Basics of Google Business

Importance of Google Business for Local SEO

Download the free Google Business Checklist

Google Business

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Follow this map to get your business found on Google. Get the guidance through the tools you need to be successful and gain exposure.

Download the Google Roadmap

Video Series for each step of the roadmap

Additional Live Recorded Events

Bite-Size Resources

If you are just getting started with your business or learning Google. Take your time, don't get discouraged. These resources are meant to be helpful, simple, and quick. If you have questions feel free to contact me or post your question in the community feed.

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Discover Your

Google Business


Think of keywords as your secret weapon—a code that connects your business with potential customers. This resource will guide you through discovering your keywords.

Introduction to Keywords

Discover Your Keywords Exercise

Tutorial to use Free Tools for Keyword Research

Free Copy of Keyword Spreadsheet

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Fireside Chat


Are you tired of feeling lost in the vast world of SEO? This is a recorded SEO strategy session. Get insight into how your can improve your organic ranking on Google.

Introduction to SEO

SEO Anatomy on Your Website

Common Questions

Self-Paced Courses

The expansive knowledge you can gain from these digital courses is amazing. Designed to be simple, engaging, and easy to implement. The length of these are averaging 2 hours.

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Unlock the Power of
Google Business

Google Business


Designed to demystify the complexities of Google My Business (GMB) and empower users with the skills to leverage this influential tool effectively.

How to Create a New Listing

Verifying Your Listing

Optimizing Your Profile

Getting Google Reviews and more...

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From keyword discovery to content creation strategies, and competitor analysis techniques, this course equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to optimize your online visibility and attract quality traffic.

Find out What the F*** SEO anyways?

Discover Your Keywords

Write & Implement Website SEO tags

Basics about Google Business

Understanding Search Console

Blog Post Content Strategy

Customized Training

Need support learning the Google strategies I provide for my clients? I can teach you. We can meet one-on-one, virtually, or in person. We will discuss the agenda of the training first.

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One on One

$200.00 / hr

Google Business

The first 15 minutes are free to give us time to determine the training agenda. We will discuss all of your questions and create a plan to answer them. Include the implementation steps you can complete or pass off to me.

Customize Training Agenda

Foundational Knowledge

Your Google Strategy & Tools

Answering All of Your Questions & more...

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Virtual Group

$400.00 / person

Google Business

Select a training topic to invite your team or share time with others. The training will walk you through the basics and the importance. You will be able to ask questions and practice strategies.

Google Roadmap

Unlock the Power of Google Business

Discover Your Keywords


Local Services Ads

Google Analytics 4

Blog Posts + YouTube

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In-Person Group

$600.00 / person

Request a customized in-person training session. Have your team or an organization all get the same helpful knowledge to be successful. With a lot of attention to each participant, you walk away confident.

up to 6 Hours of Training Time

Email Support (30 days after)

Custom How-To Videos from Questions

Training can be Recorded

Access to the Marketing Plan Blueprint eBook

Travel Costs are Additional

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