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Being Google Ads Certified

I have always been an analytical thinker. I have always enjoyed making sense of numbers and what they explain.

While discovering Google Analytics and all of its capabilities. I became Google Ads Certified on August 26th, 2014. I found my passion when working with Google Ads and all Google tools.

I have worked with well over 300 different businesses with Google Ads. In this blog, I will review what it takes to become Google Ads Certified and why you need a Google Ads Manager to succeed with your campaigns.

First, if you are interested in getting certified in any Google tool, you can start by going to Skillshop.

There is a lot to do to get certified in Google Ads. Start by reading the Study Materials for each certification exam. There are several, and they all expire after 1 year.

There are 5 different certification exams; you must pass at least two to become certified. To pass the exam, you must finish before the allotted time and get a score above 80%.

These exams test examples and scenarios you would encounter when managing a Google Ads campaign.

Being an experienced Google Ads Certified Manager for several years. I have seen many campaigns perform well and learned from mistakes that did not perform.

I use the data of the campaign to make adjustments. There are several different sections of the dashboard that I look at daily for all of my clients. I may not make a change every day, but simply analyzing the results can relay a lot of information.

Using Google Ads and Google Analytics together is highly recommended. The two tools are an amazing pair. They tell each other the details that can show you the real performance quality of your campaign.

I always tell my clients that we do not want to stop knowing what is happening after a customer clicks on your ad; that is just the beginning.

If you manage your own Google Ads campaign, get in touch with me as soon as possible to analyze your campaign. I can tell you how things are going and if you should make some changes.


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