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How to use Google Business effectively

Using Google Business or Google My Business (known by its previous name) can be a game changer for your local search rankings.

Google Business can effectively allow your business to be found on Google Search and Google Maps to your potential customers when they search for your services or products.

Optimize the listing with all the information about your business. Share as much as you possibly can. The more information, the more credible your listing will be.

If you haven’t created your Google Business listing, this post will walk you through the steps, read how to create a Google My Business account.

The crucial step you mustn't skip is verifying your listing. It would be best if you had ownership of your listing.

This post will explain how to verify my business on Google. Another question is how to know if my business is verified.

The importance of this Google Business listing is to be found with Google, with all the accurate information, and show off your customer satisfaction with reviews and a star rating.

Where is your business found on Google if you do not have a Google Business listing?


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