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What is Google Ads?

There has been a change to the Google AdWords brand; it is now known as Google Ads. This post was written before that change.

If you are unfamiliar with what Google AdWords is, it is a form of PPC advertising. PPC is Pay Per Click. This type of advertising is shown in many different formats on the internet.

The first reason almost any business can benefit from using Google AdWords or a PPC campaign. The ads are placed in front of people searching for a specific search query. The ability to show a specific text ad to a user that is looking for that service or product is essential. These ads are also shown at the top of Google, so your business could be the first thing under the search box.

The second reason, SEO tactics for business allows you to be seen by people in your town or city area. Google makes it difficult for your business to be seen by people, not in your zip code area. Using AdWords allows you to specifically target market areas for your business services and expand to grow your business to new customers.

Many different ads can be created for your business to advertise your brand to many users. The traditional text ads are shown on Google and display ads on many different websites, such as,,,, and over 2 million more. You also can have ads that follow users around the internet after they leave your website. And lastly, YouTube video ads that show in-stream before a YouTube video can be watched.


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