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What is Google Analytics?

The biggest asset to a marketing campaign is trackability. The tool that provides that is Google Analytics.

This free tool has much information to share about the users visiting your website. All you need to do is dive in and ask your questions; the data will tell you.

The different types of tracked data that Google Analytics collects are where the user found your site, the device they used, how long they stayed on your website, where they are located geographically, the pages they viewed, if they watched a video and if they completed a conversion.

Google Analytics is essential to know a campaign's success, results, and ROI.

After finishing this post, getting this tool set up right away should be your first order of business.

You may feel overwhelmed setting up the account or trying to understand the data Google Analytics offers. KaeRae Marketing offers to report and consult to clarify the best next step for your marketing campaigns.

If you haven’t heard yet, Universal Analytics will be phased out of existence on July 1st, 2023.

Learn how to set up a new GA4 account to continue to track your website activity and get all the value needed to be successful and reach goals.


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