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What is Zoom?

Since 2020, there has been an increase in virtual meetings happening every day. The most common tool to use for these types of meetings is Zoom.

This tool is free for an unlimited amount of up to 40-minute meetings.

If you upgrade to the annual plan, there are additional features, especially if you want to record the meeting.

Start by going to

Create a new account and download a desktop app of Zoom.

Within the Zoom meeting, the free plan allows up to 100 attendees per meeting. There is always a chat thread available. To share with the whole meeting or individually.

Link your Zoom account with Google Calendar to create a new calendar event with a Zoom meeting link.

There are additional features that are within the meeting room, such as a Whiteboard, which allows the collaboration of the attendees to keep notes collectively.

Connecting, communicating, and collaborating have no boundaries for businesses now. We can work together no matter where we are.


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